Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doggone Cute...

Two posts in one day...wow!!!

Isn't he the cutest? Here is another monthly swap kit that I received. Sorry, can't tell you who the doggie stamp is by, but he was so fun to color. And the "friends" stamp was one I picked up months ago on someone's clearance rack.

Can you see his juicy nose? I put a little crystal effects on his nose to give it a nice wet look. How about some smooches :)

Now I have to get back to my brag books I have been working on. I need to finish one and do another one before Saturday. Will definitely post some pictures once I'm done. They are absolutely adorable!!! If I may say so myself?

Fluffles Card

Good Tuesday to you,

Here is my first attempt at a Fluffles card. I'll admit, I had never heard of Fluffles until I received these images in one of my monthly swap kits. It's probably because I am not a cat person and if I had seen them I'm sure I would have looked right passed them. But I actually think she or he (not quite sure if Fluffles is a girl or a boy?) turned out kinda cute. I guess my Fluffles is a girl since I gave her pink whiskers-LOL.
And I just remembered...I have an old co-worker who's birthday is coming up and she absolutely loves cats. This card will be just perfect for her.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Spring!

Good Afternoon,

Instead of "Tips" today I thought I would share a banner that I will display on my little table at work. If you are one of the "lucky" (insert-roll of eyes) moms who work outside of the home, you may find yourself trying to spice up your workstation with a little of your creativity. Well I know I do, and I like to keep it seasonal and festive. So I created a little "SPRING" for my cubicle.
Isn't this the cutest. I used the Cricut for my letters and everything else is from the Simply Scrappin' Kit "Sweet Nothings". How sweet is that? When I originally went to my girlfriends to use her Cricut I brought with me both Rose Red and Pink Pirouette CS because I wasn't sure which color I would use to spell out spring. But once I started actually putting this together I thought, "Hey-I'll alternate colors!" I am really pleased at how nice this came out, especially since this was my first crack at it.
Oh, I almost forgot. I first came across this cute little project on Patty's Stamping Spot. If you have not visited her site yet you will not be disappointed. It's like visual overload with all her great talent. And the best thing about this project is that you can personalize the banner however you want. You can use a name, a season, a holiday, you name it. It's up to you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"TIPS" Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone,
I'm so glad it's Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday. Why is it we look forward to the weekend when we know that it is going to be over with so quickly? Well hopefully this will be a very productive crafting weekend for me. I have a couple of projects I would love to start and finish this weekend. Wish me luck...
Now on to some tips. I came across both these great tips on SCS.
  • When stamping on window/acetate/vellum sheets, put grid paper underneath the sheet to help line up flowers/animals/shapes, etc.). And then use your stampa-ma-jig to help you with the placement of the images. Your images should come out just the way you want them every time!
  • If you have an image with sticky on the back or stickers that you think would be great "poppep-up" on your card, just blot the sticky side with your embossing buddy to get rid of the sticky. It's a lot easier and cleaner than using a bottle of baby powder.

Enjoy these tips and oh...Happy St. Joseph's Day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scrappin' Brag Book

Good Morning Everyone. I want to share a project that we worked on in my Stampin' Up meeting last night. It was more like a class than a meeting because we got a chance to make this cute brag book made from cd holders and a Simply Scrappin Kit from SU.

Isn't this the cutest? And this one book only uses 1/2 of a simply scrappin' kit. The only other supplies required was the ribbon to tie it closed and the cardboard cd holders. You can add any embellishments to it that you wish. As you can see I did not finish mine, but I will. Can't you imagine the great ideas?...baby showers, weddings, anniversarys, birthdays, there are so many opportunities to use this little book. There are a total of 14 pages (not including the front and back covers) that can be embellished and used for pictures.

I have a baby shower gift that someone has asked me to do for them and this is the idea I am going to use. Maybe I'll use this project to put together my first tutorial. That means I will have to be SUPER organized. I'm up for the challenge...I think!

Friday, March 13, 2009

"TIPS" Thursday

Ooops, guess what? It's Friday!!! This week has flown by. I woke up this morning and remembered-I didn't post any tips yesterday. Shame on me. Well here a few that I came across in my blog, internet, and magazine hopping.
  • You can transform a boring fishing tackle box into a great storage box for all your small embellishments like buttons, eyelets, brads, rhinestones, etc. And now you can even find tackle boxes in cute colors like pink and purple.

  • And last week I gave tips on how to tie ribbon. Now that you have mastered the art of tying ribbon now do you notice the edges fraying and coming undone? Well pull out your handy embossing (heat) tool. Go back and forth for just a few seconds to singe the edges. Be careful not to start a fire. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

"TIPS" Thursday

Yeh, I know it's actually Friday. But I had another sick kid at home yesterday.

Well today's tips came about when I started pulling my hair out over a darn ribbon that would just not cooperate with me on one of my cards. So I thought I would steer you to a couple of helpful ribbon links:

  • Ribbon Tying-Check out Roxy's blog. I came across her tutorial just by googling. And with such a great ribbon tutorial, I couldn't help myself, I had to click on some other tutorials. You won't be disappointed.

Enjoy these links and happy ribbon tying!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Great Challenge...

...and another post for today. My good friend and upline Jackie is part of the Etsy Design Team. And this past Saturday she threw out her first Etsy Blog Hop Challenge. This was her challenge...

And here is mine...

I was so proud of this card. Especially after going through a bit of a slump for the past two weeks. And after a busy weekend, it was nice to sit down and color, cut, fold, and all the other great therapy you get from making cards. I have a girlfriend who has a birthday next week. I think this might be the card that I send to her.


Hi everyone, I had someone ask in the comments area what was an "upline". I can remember just over a year ago asking the same question. Your upline is the person(s) that you signed under when you become an SU demo. I'm sure other companies use the same term. Your upline are the ones who are responsible for "sucking" you in-LOL. Hope I explained well.

Blogger Group 7 Challenge

O.K. I know I am a little late, but I actually did complete both of these challenges last Thursday. It has just been a busy last couple of days. And I didn't want my blogging friends to think that I didn't take some time out of my schedule to complete their great challenges.
We had two challenges this month for our SCS Blogger group. The first challenge came from Nancy and we were to use the colors of green and blue while using this sketch...now it was also suppose to be for Valentine's Day but I was a little late for that holiday and just made a birthday card, a perfect "masculine" birthday card.

The second challenge came from Karolyn and this time she challenged us to make a card using inspiration from the Academy Awards. We were able to choose from the posters of the movies that were nominated for best picture. Now I chose the poster from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

And here is my creation...
Thanks ladies for these great challenges.