Friday, June 19, 2009

New Favorite Combo

Each month the SU demos in the group that I am in get together for a little info, swaps, and chatty conversation. And this past Monday was no exception. We buzzed about the new catty, convention, and our goals for the upcoming SU year. And the best part, of course, is our swap time. Well this months swap had to use colors from the SU color wheel. Now me, I don't own one, so I had to borrow one. And boy did I come across a color combo I have never done and which I believe is now my favorite combo for the time being: Almost Amethyst & Rose Red. Have you used these two together before? They really do compliment each other. And it also gave me a chance to use the rose red ribbon that I have had for months and never used. Have I ever mentioned I am a SU accessories/embellishment hoarder! I am really bad at this. I hate using my goodies. I know I need to but I am afraid I am going to run out, they won't be available anymore, and then I am just stuck without them. I also purchased a couple of months ago the new SU latte buttons. Well I have just used 1 on a frame I did. I can't seem to use them. They are so cute. Yes, it's crazy, but I know I am not alone. I know 2 other SU demos like this. Oh, and speakingo f the frame. I'll have to take some picts so I can show you guys.
Talk to you soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Techniques Class

Well good afternoon,

Did I mention I was preparing last week for my first techniques class? I believe I did but I can't keep up. Well it was held this past Friday and it turned out really great. The ladies loved the 3 cards we did using the "kissing" technique. We used the Petal Pizazz and Only Oval stamp sets by SU. Petal Pizazz is a great stamp to use for the kissing technique. Nice flower stamps with a solid background. The cards also featured the Washington Apple dsp, some retiring In Colors and my favorite go to cardstock, So Saffron. By the way, did you notice the upside down leaf? I was on the phone and watching t.v while I was doing that sample-LOL.
I have a card class next Saturday on the 27 which I think I might change up a bit. There's a stamp set out there that they really liked and I might surprise them with a card and tote set using that stamp set. We'll see... Don't want to give away too many hints in case they are peeking at my blog.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This Is Going 2 B A LOOOONG FRIDAY!!!!

Well I definitely have time to post today. Why? - you may ask. Because my crazy self got to work today an HOUR early!!! I didn't even realize it until I got to my desk. Don't ask me how I did it, I just think I am working on overdrive and auto-pilot.

Well I am all set for my first techniques class tonight. I'm all cut and organized. I took a note from my upline who has all her items cut and ready to assemble for her clients for each one of her classes. She says the class goes much smoothly and it cuts down on mistakes and waste. The only thing I have no clue to what I am doing - is what to serve. I always hate thinking of little snacks to serve people. I guess I'll be doing some googling this morning as well. I'll be sure to post the projects we due this evening some time this weekend. Don't want to give the guests a sneek peek too early in case they check my blog before coming out tonight. We will be doing the "kissing" technique and using up some of my favorite dsp that will be retiring soon, Washington Apple.

I did have someone ask about the template for the notecard set that I gave out as teacher gifts. So this weekend I'll have to find my cheat sheet and then I'll link you to the blog where I first saw it.

Well, I'll be back with some posts this weekend. I have a few more projects that I am finishing up.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craft Fair Item

I have been busy getting some items together to sell at an arts and crafts fair later this month. Here is one of the items I have come up with. As you can see, I am getting rid of a lot of retired dsp in anticipation of the new SU catty. And I did not purchase one item for this set. Actually the lady who is setting up this booth is all about "going green". So I am re-using and re-cycling all the items I put together for this fair. These cards were all used using my scraps. Can you believe it? Even the ribbon was scraps. I'll post more later, I have been working on some very cute ready fill scrapbooks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decor Elements

I have been eyeing the "Thoughts & Prayers" tree in SU's Decor Elements line for several months now. Well I finally broke down and purchased my first set of Decor Elements in my last order. I purchased the tree, the Eastern Blooms flowers, and the Inspiration set which has the words, faith, hope, love, life. I put up the tree yesterday and immediately fell in love with it.
Believe me when I say, "It was a lot of work." I found out when I pulled everything out that you actually put the tree together in 6 different parts. And make sure you have your muscles ready, because you have to use a lot of pressure to transfer the image from one side to the other.

As I was standing back admiring my work, Alex came around and started touching my tree. Being the boy that he is, he had to demonstrate how his super ball would look stuck in my tree.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts

Well I'm lucky that my boys have only 1 teacher each so I only had to do 2 gifts. I decided to do notecards in their own little holders. I even added postal stamps and envelopes so they wouldn't have to search for anything when they go to the post office. I used SU's Washington Apple DSP, which is one of my favorites. Can't wait for the new DSP to make their grand appearance in just a couple of weeks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Get Some Posting Done!!!

I have really been secluded in my craft room this past week or so. I am in the process of getting ready for my first set of classes. I have my very first techniques class this Friday and in 2 weeks I'll be doing another card class. I am pretty excited about this too. Don't know exactly how many people to expect yet, but it should be fun, even if only 1 person shows up-and that's because I'm just a fun person to be around-LOL.

Well before I post some creations I have been working on, I wanted to give a big cyber hug and congratulations to my youngest niece Kennedy...

She graduated from Kindergarten and she is super excited about starting 1st grade. I just hope she can go and they won't send her back to Kindergarten. Since her birthday is September 23rd, Illinois has the dumb September 1st deadline rule. You must be 5 by 9/1 to start Kindergarten and 6 by 9/1 to start 1st grade. Well Kennedy went to a private school for Kindergarten (they are not so strict) because my sister knew she was ready. We're hoping she can convince the public school to take her for 1st grade. She is just to smart and intelligent to be held back.

And of my 3 nieces I can always count on her to give me some love. Her 2 older sisters are "divas-in-training" and I can't get them to do anything.

Now back to some crafting...I did a few thank-you cards for some teacher aides who were leaving this year because of budget cuts. They were great ladies and the kids loved them. This is the only one where the picture came out half way decent. Boy do I need a better system of taking pictures.

I used this template located on SCS to create the card. And as you can see I used it as a gift card holder. I used SU's so saffron, chocolate chip, and whisper white cardstock. I participated in a card candy swap a few months ago so that is the flower that I used in the center.
I'm putting together more stay tuned.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Well I am taking a little breather. The last day of school is not until this Friday and I still have a few more teacher gifts to do. Hope I can do some posting of those before the week is out. I have finished off some monthly swaps I am in (boy am I glad June is the last month for these). Don't get me wrong, I loved doing them, but 3 was way too much for me.

I also wanted to do some posting of some upcoming classes I will be doing. I have been enjoying my SU "hobby" but it is time to start getting this part-time business in gear. And with the new SU catalog just a month away, what better time to jump in feet first. I have had my sneak peak and boy am I excited about the new In Colors. I even saw some new DSP that I just have to have. So you will definitely start to see some more postings because I can't wait to start creating.

Well I didn't want to leave without posting a card. I mean this is why I have the blog-LOL.

Here is one of my monthly swap cards. Sorry I can't give you details about the stamp and dsp used since it came from the May swap hostess. But I thought it was a cute little card. And guess what? I used my SU markers to do the coloring. Some of you may know that the SU markers are not my biggest fans. I think they dislike me very much and come to life when they get in my hands and color however they want. But I wasn't to upset about this coloring.